Employment contracts

Which employment contracts are there, are you performing ancillary activities and have you been with us for so long that you are eligible for an employment anniversary? Will you continue working at AUAS after you reach the state pension age or are you going to retire?

When you enter the employment of AUAS or are employed with us already, the most important arrangements that you and your supervisor have made on your employment are laid down in an employment contract. Among other things, this contract sets out the type of employment contract that you have, its term, the position to which you have been appointed, your salary and how much FTE you will work. It also contains general terms and conditions on such things as travel allowance, pension and illness. In addition to the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (CAO-HBO), your employment contract is subject to Dutch law.

Type of employment contract

There are three types of employment contract.

A D-2 can be concluded in three situations:

  • when you enter the employment of AUAS;
  • upon expiry of a D-3, except in case of inadequate performance or substantial business interests (which also apply at the level of the degree programme);
  • upon expiry of a D-4 and, in any case, if a D-4 is to be extended more than the maximum three times or for longer than the maximum term of two years.

A D-3 can be concluded in one situation:

  • when you enter employment on a one-off basis for the duration of your introductory period, but for a maximum term of three years.

A D-4 can be concluded when you enter the employment in connection with temporary activities; for example, when we temporarily have additional work for you to do or when you are temporarily replacing someone who is ill (so-called 'piek en ziek' or 'peak and illness' situations) By default, a D-4 can be entered into a maximum of three times over a maximum of two years. This standard, which is referred to as a 'chain provision', is based on the Dutch Work and Security Act (Wet Werk en Zekerheid). The chain provision (max. three contracts in max. two years) will apply in the new CAO HBO 2020 as well. As a result, the relaxation of the chain provision in the Dutch Balanced Labour Market Act (Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans, WAB) does not apply to higher professional education.

Deviation from the maximum term of two years is possible in four situations:

  • if you are conducting doctoral research, a minimum of one and a maximum of three D-4s can be concluded for the duration of your doctoral research;
  • if you are working as a professor, one D-4 with a term of more than two years can be concluded;
  • if you are working as a researcher or replacing a researcher and you have external financing, one D-4 with a term of more than two years can be concluded. The maximum term of the D-4 is linked to the duration of the financing;
  • if you are working on specific AUAS projects, one D-4 with a term of more than two years can be concluded. The maximum term of the D-4 is linked to the duration of the specific project.

Classification and job profiles

With advice from the personnel adviser, your supervisor will determine the classification of your position, your job profile, the job level and the consequences for your salary (if any).

A job profile is a concise description of the tasks and responsibilities associated with a position. AUAS uses generic job profiles, which have been determined by its Executive Board.

Changes in personal details

You can change your bank or address details or your marital status, as well as any changes to do with your children or education via the DSPM under Self-Service > Personal details. In addition, you can record or modify your ancillary activities there, under Self-management > Report ancillary activities.

More information

  • In mijnrap.nl *, the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (CAO-HBO) can be found under 'Working Conditions' and 'Popular CLA topics' provides an outline of the key topics in the CLA.
  • If you are a new employee, the options include converting pension or taking out group health insurance or invalidity insurance.
  • The HR department of your own faculty, department or unit will be able to provide you with more information.
  • Under certain circumstances, AUAS employees may be entitled to a permanent or one-off allowance. For more information, see Allowances.
  • For information on the termination of the employment contract, please see End of employment contract.
  • Long-service bonus (in Dutch) or Article H-5 (in the CEA)

*The first time that you consult mijnrap.nl, you may be shown a one-off intermediate window, where you have to log in using your AUAS ID

Published by  HR English translation under construction 11 August 2021