Preventing Absenteeism

Prevention is better than a cure. For that reason, the AUAS invests in various measures in the field of health and vitality, such as coaching, sports facilities for employees, fitness month, health checks, a safe and healthy workplace, preventive consultations with the occupational physician.

There are various measures in place that are aimed at increasing your (long-term) employability. In this context, the AUAS is your No. 1 partner in providing facilities to help build your professionalism, vitality and mobility.

Key example include the decentralised approach to excessive workloads through the Workload to work-life balance (in Dutch) action plan, the implementation of Risk assessments & Evaluations (in consultation with the Occupational Health and Safety Service and OHS coordinators) and the professionalisation of the relationship between you and your supervisor and the way in which the dialogue between you takes place.

In addition, there is, of course, the Long-Term Employability LE scheme, which ensures that this subject is raised at least once a year during your annual consultation with your supervisor and gives you the flexibility to invest in long-term employability.

It is also vital that you engage with your supervisor at an early stage if you find that you have begun experiencing health problems.


If you are experiencing health problems or problems related to your working conditions, you should raise the issue with your supervisor as soon as possible to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible and are able to carry out your work as best you can. Together, you will be reviewing what type of activities you might be able to carry out, what kind of support is available and what accommodations and workplace adaptations can be arranged.


If you need more specialised help, then you are free to book a consultation with the occupational physician to discuss you circumstances, either on your own initiative or at the proposal of your supervisor. This can be done either during your absence due to illness or precisely to prevent absence from work. Any questions you may have about your health in relation to your work or personal circumstances, even if you have not yet report in sick or have developed complaints, can be put to the occupational physician. You will be able to discuss what support you need to prevent illness or limit absenteeism. Your privacy will always be guaranteed in these matters. The occupational physician will only contact your supervisor or other care providers with your consent.

More information: AMC Occupational Health and Safety Service


The AUAS is responsible for ensuring good working conditions and a socially safe working environment. This also means fostering a good working atmosphere in which supervisors and employees are able to trust one another, where there is a collegial spirit and people care for one another. In order to facilitate this, the AUAS is continually working on enhancing the expertise available both to supervisors and employees. Please see the range of training and coaching programmes available at the AUAS Academy in the field of leadership skills development and personal effectiveness and vitality.

In addition, AUAS ensure a safe and health working environment by providing regulations and a code of conduct regarding inappropriate behavior (such as sexual harassment, aggression, discrimination and violence). If you should witness or experience any inappropriate behaviour, then the confidential adviser will be your first point of contact.

In addition to social safety, the AUAS contributes to the physical safety of its employees, students, visitors and property in its buildings and grounds. As an employee, it is crucial that you follow AUAS guidelines in relation to safe and healthy working practices, which includes following the instructions of company emergency response officers during evacuations, consulting evacuation plans (lifts, escape routes, emergency staircases). Please visit Safe Study and Working Environment and the Incidents Policy .

The occupational health and safety coordinator of the faculty, policy division or service is the point of contact for occupational health and safety issues in the workplace. Find out who your occupational health and safety coordinator is for your unit here.

Please also see: Work-related advice (under Workplace)


Organisational unit


Name of occupational health and safety coordinator


Amstel Campus

Nick Koster en Sjoerd Koster




Dr Meurerlaan 8

Simon Gribling





Sheila Lodewijks

Combined services

including LWB

Ronald Reiche

AC, ICTS, FS, Libraries, IXA

Executive staff


Bart Roelvink

Amstel Campus

Bart Roelvink


Taking pleasure in your work, a good work-life balance and meaningful collaboration with your colleagues together form the principal basis that allows you to face challenges in your work, both at present and in the future. For that reason, the AUAS organises a Vitality Month each year, with employees being able to make use of sports, training and coaching services and fitness discounts all year round. This is all designed to improve your vitality. For more information, please see Vitality and Sports.

Published by  HR 6 July 2021