Disability insurance for employees

From 1 October 2022 the AUAS provide collective disability insurance for all employees with a. permanent or temporary contract of employment with HvA. The only condition is that you live in the Netherlands and are socially insured there. If so, you are automatically insured for occupational disability to provide cover for employees whose illness or injury means they are unable to work. This insurance has been taken out with insurer Loyalis.

Benefits of collective disability insurance:

  • You are insured for 70 per cent of your income in the case of partial disability until you are eligible for your state pension (AOW)
  • The AUAS pays the insurance premium for partial disability
  • You will not be asked any questions about your health at the start of the collective contract (and when becoming an AUAS employee)

The collective insurance also meets the requirements of the Work and Income Act (WIA), the AUAS collective labour agreement (CAO) and pension scheme.

Definition of partial disability

In general, being unable to work must be caused by an illness, incapacity or accident. There are conditions placed on being unable to work:

  • these limitations have been objectively established by a doctor and limit you in your ability to work and
  • due to this limitations, you may not earn more than 65 per cent of the standard salary that the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) determines for you.

Partial disability means that the UWV has assessed that you are 35% - 80% incapacitated for work.


If for any reason you do not wish to participate in this insurance, please complete the attached waiver and send it to servicedesk-ac@hva.nl before 1 January 2023. The waiver will be added to your digital personnel file. The insurer will then inform you that, should you still wish to apply for the insurance at a later date, you will be asked questions about your health.

Check your coverage

If you currently have general disability insurance through the AUAS with Loyalis, this insurer will notify you that this insurance will be transferred to the collective agreement. If you also have full disability cover, this will also be continued and its premium deducted from your salary as normal.

If you have general disability insurance with another insurer, you must decide to either continue it and sign the waiver for the collective insurance of the AUAS, or cancel it and join the collective insurance.

Current illness or disability

If you have currently reported in as ill or unfit for work and you do not have occupational disability insurance through the AUAS with Loyalis, you will not be covered by the new collective insurance. You will only be fully insured after you have been back at work continuously and fully for at least four weeks.

If you remain ill or unfit for work then you are not covered by the collective insurance and you cannot claim benefit.

If you are partially incapacitated for work (35% - 80%) before the collective insurance comes into effect, you are only entitled to benefit if your disability percentage increases due to another cause. Pre-existing risk-factors or conditions cannot be insured. If you are already insured by Loyalis, your current cover will continue.

More information

The policy terms and conditions of the collective insurance will be available on the Loyalis website (information in Dutch) from mid-October. You can also call Loyalis Customer Service at 045 645 91 90 on weekdays from 8:00 – 5:30 for more information.

Published by  HR 30 September 2022