Want to know what AUAS insurance is available at a discount, and what you can arrange yourself? Wondering what insurance coverage AUAS has for its buildings and for AUAS employees while working or travelling?

Illness, injury, death

Insure yourself against illness and injury. The AUAS offers semi-collective insurance that gives you a discounted rate.
You can choose occupational disability insurance and/or additional survivor benefit insurance (ANW-hiaat).

AUAS employees can sign up for health insurance with a group discount via the following providers: Zilveren Kruis and Zorg en Zekerheid.
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Additional semi-collective insurance against occupational disability is offered via Loyalis.

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In the event that you die and leave behind surviving family members, they will be eligible for the ABP survivor’s pension. If you consider this pension to be insufficient, it may be possible to take out additional insurance.

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Non-life insurance

Insure yourself for damages. This is possible via AUAS collective insurance, which offers a discounted group rate on non-life insurance policies, for example those arranged through AON’s ‘via mijn werk’ insurance.

Collective non-life insurance at the AUAS is offered through AON’s ‘via mijn werk’ insurance, which offers coverage for various non-life insurance situations such as residential, liability, travel and vehicle insurance.

Aon has agreements with various insurers to get the best conditions and highest discounts. AUAS employees benefit from these group discounts as a result.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences does not insure theft, loss or damages to personal possessions during working hours at, or for, the AUAS.

If you own a motor vehicle you are obligated to take out liability insurance.

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During working hours

The AUAS insures accidents and damages caused by employees in direct employment with the AUAS, provided it occurs during working hours.

AUAS employees are insured against accidents occurring during working hours. ‘During working hours’ is defined as: along the shortest route to work from home, during the working day and from work to home, once again along the shortest commuting route.

If you use your own motor vehicle for official travel during working hours, the WEGAM insurance applies. This means that you, as the driver of the vehicle, are insured and that the damage to, or caused by, your vehicle (car, motorcycle, moped or scooter) during work-related commuting is insured.

The liability insurance covers any damage that you cause to third parties during working hours and for which the AUAS can be held liable. In order to claim the insurance, an official report is required.

This insurance applies to official work and study trips and offers global coverage.

Accidents, hospitalisation, theft or damages can be reported immediately, and should be reported during your trip, via the Chubb Assistance emergency number: +31(0)10 2893536 (available 24/7). Please include the following details: type of incident, location and the contact person. Non-urgent claims can be sent to Peter Wurtz via the travel accident/travel baggage insurance claim form.

Employees are automatically insured for work and study-related trips and cancellation. In the event of travel to high-risk countries (that are not colour-coded ‘green’ according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs/BUZA). It is mandatory to discuss travel to these areas with Peter Wurtz, Executive Staff Department UvA/HvA, prior to travelling.

AUAS Real estate

The AUAS insures its own real estate and property. We have insurance coverage for damages to property owned by the AUAS in and around our buildings, in the event of a fire, storm or theft.

The buildings, inventory and property of the AUAS is insured for fires, storms and thefts. An insurance claim can be made in the event of theft, loss or damages to AUAS property. Personal possessions are not insured. Theft, loss or damage to laptops or mobile telephones owned by the AUAS does not fall under building insurance. If you are responsible for the loss or damage to this equipment you are required to pay for the damages yourself. If you are not responsible, then the costs will be allocated to the faculty or department.

Transport and transit insurance covers valuable movable property used for study purposes inside or outside the AUAS. This insurance is tailor-made and applies for example to expensive electronics or art.

More information

Contact Peter Wurtz, UvA/HvA Executive Staff Department, for information about:
-custom insurance at the AUAS;
-reporting damages occurring during working hours or questions about related insurance;
-the validity of legal and/or insurance-related texts

Published by  HR 30 September 2022