Job profiles (Hay)

A job profile is a concise description of the tasks and responsibilities associated with a specific position.

The AUAS applies generic job profiles, which exclusively describe the main aspects of your job. This means that the job profiles do have significance in a variety of contexts. Therefore there is a need to make concrete agreements on the performance areas, results and activities you will be carrying out over the coming period to meet the faculty-specific context. Agreements on these aspects will be reached at new assignments and in the annual consultations with your supervisor.

Job classification

The AUAS classifies and evaluates positions on the basis of a job classification system, which is largely based on the system applied by Dutch universities: the University Job Classification System (called UFO). This system is used to classify and describe the various positions within the organisation. Classifications are based on the position rather than the individual, and reflect the results you are expected to achieve while performing your job. The difficulty of the position is determined on the basis of various different perspectives. Each position is then assigned a specific place within the scale. The AUAS has some tailor made job profile descriptions that are in line with the organization and focused to educate evidence based professionals.

Job matrix

The job matrix reflects the AUAS job classification system and provides an overview of all current AUAS positions and the associated valuation (salary scale), as adopted by the Executive Board (CvB).

To access job profiles and competency profiles via the job matrix, hold the ctrl key and click the link using your mouse (in case it doesn’t work in Firefox, use an alternative browser such as Internet Explorer).

Job matrix (2016) (in Dutch)

Reviews and objections

If you feel your position has not been accurately classified, you may make your reservations known, underpin your request for review with arguments and discuss them with your supervisor. If you do not agree with the ruling on your request for review, you may submit an appeal under certain circumstances. More information is available in Dutch, "Herziening en bezwaar"

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