Renewed job profiles for Education & Research positions

Effective 1 March 2016, the Hay profiles for education and research positions as featured in the 2004-2008 job classification system will be replaced with new versions. The Education/Research Officer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer-researcher and Research network professor positions have been updated to reflect the AUAS' mission and the evolving educational practice typical of a modern knowledge institution.

These explanatory notes offer further details on the rationale, context and basic principles underlying the renewal, the changes to each individual profile and the implementation procedure:

The renewed profiles, as adopted by the Executive Board, will be incorporated into the AUAS job matrix effective 1 March 2016. The profiles can be downloaded below:

As outlined in the ‘Explanation’ document, the position of academic Researcher may be applied to researchers without teaching tasks in specific situations, under the condition that the researcher had a temporary employment contract. This position is not featured in the AUAS job classification system, and therefore the profile will not be incorporated into the AUAS job matrix.

The old E&R job profiles will expire effective 1 March 2016, and will be deleted from the AUAS job matrix on the same date. Until that time, please consult the old profiles as featured below:

Employees appointed to the aforementioned profiles will receive a notification letter before 1 March. The contents of this letter are available for download below.

If you have any further questions with regard to the above information, please contact your supervisor or the HR department for your faculty or unit.

Published by  HR 28 September 2021