Birth leave (partner leave)

After your partner has given birth, you can take up to 5 working days of statutory partner leave. After that, it is possible to take 5 weeks of additional partner leave.

The law states that that the mother's partner is entitled to one working week off after their child is born. The number of hours of leave is equal to the number of working hours per week. If you are the mother's partner and you would like to use this leave, then you must take this leave within a period of 4 weeks after the day your child is born.

On the day your partner gives birth, you are entitled to emergency leave with full pay. You should take your statutory partner leave and emergency leave in consultation with your manager or supervisor. If your partner has a multiple birth, you are still entitled to one working week of leave only. In other words, you do not get twice as much birth leave for twins.

You don't have to request partner leave in DSPE.

Additional partner leave

After you have used the statutory partner leave, you can request additional partner leave for a maximum of 5 weeks. The number of hours of leave per week is the same as the number of working hours per week. You can only request full weeks (Monday through Sunday). The leave must be taken within 6 months of the birth of the child.

The total number of leave hours you have requested can be taken anytime during this 6-month period. You can take all 5 weeks in a row, or you could also take one week off per month for 5 months or one day off per week for 25 weeks (in case of 1 FTE and a 40-hour working week). Consult with your manager or supervisor to agree on when you will take your leave. This agreement will be recorded in writing and must be attached (as a PDF) to your request in DSPE.

For administrative reasons we tell UWV that the leave period is 5 weeks in a row.

Procedure for requesting additional partner leave

You can take 100% unpaid leave, which will be fully deducted from your salary. You will receive a statutory compensation of 70% of your taxable pay including allowances, 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% year-end bonus. The maximum taxable pay used for the calculation corresponds to the maximum daily wage for the social insurance schemes. You can request supplementary partner leave via the Supplementary Partner Leave tile in DSPE.

You will accrue holiday hours during your partner leave and supplementary partner leave, and your pension accrual will remain unchanged. Visit the website of the Dutch government for more information.

Who is the mother's partner?

Partner leave is for the mother's partner. You are the mother's partner if:

- you are married to her;
- you are her registered partner;
- you are unmarried but cohabiting with her;
- you acknowledge her child as your own.

Published by  Administration Centre 13 June 2022