HumanCapitalCare is an innovative service provider in the field of labour, vitality and health. HumanCapitalCare's strength lies in its comprehensive approach to health management. It offers a wide range of services in the field of prevention, absenteeism and intervention, while attempting to use co-creation to try to address AUAS issues as effectively as possible.

Contact details

The intervention guide includes details about all relevant HumanCapitalCare contact persons and the role they play for AUAS. To request a (preventive) consultation with the occupational physician, to plan or postpone an appointment or for procedural questions, please contact the HumanCapitalCare health coordinators, Lize Schipper and Nicole de Koning, at or +31 (0)20 305 7010.

Occupational Physicians for each organisational unit

The overview below shows which occupational physician works for your organisational unit. You will usually see the occupational health and safety nurse, Liesbeth van den Oever (020-3057010). She is the first point of contact for substantive advice for managers, supervisors, employees and HR. She also takes over tasks from the occupational physician which he/she has delegated to her.

Organisational unit

Occupational Physician

BS, Student Affairs, Jobservice, FASSL

Henk van


William Sohier/Anneke Jorna


Quinta Andriessen


Dalia Ali


Michael Goldenberg/Dalia Ali

FDMCI Anneke Jorna/Lisa Luif
FH William Sohier

Location of consultations

Consultations with the occupational health and safety nurse or occupational physician are currently taking place by telephone. Rooms B8.42 and B8.36 at the Leeuwenburg Building will be prepared and put into use as soon as the developments surrounding COVID-19 allow.

HCC intervention guide

On the advice of the occupational physician and in consultation with your manager, you can make use of interventions that promote your vitality and health. See the HumanCapitalCare offer in the intervention guide. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Nyncke van de Linde at +31 (0)20 305 7010 or

Published by  HR 19 April 2022