Once you have reached pensionable age (under the General Old Age Pensions Act), you are entitled to receive a state pension from the Dutch government. As an AUAS employee, you accrue pension benefits at the ABP – the pension fund for government and education employees – throughout your employment at the AUAS.

State pension

The AOW pension (Algemene Ouderdomswet, AOW) is a basic state pension. Anyone who lives or has lived in the Netherlands and has reached pensionable age under the AOW is entitled to receive an AOW (or state) pension.

You will receive your state pension from the day that you have reached pensionable age under the AOW. The state pension age will depend on your date of birth and is calculated based on the Pension Agreement (Pensioenakkoord). In 2023 the state pension age is 66 years and 10 months, from 2024 it will remain in place at 67 until 2027. This means that the provisions of the Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (CAO-HBO) have to be based on a state pension age of 67.

The exact state pension age will become known 5 years in advance. You will be able to check whether the state pension age has changed on the SVB website. Enter your date of birth into the calculation tool to calculate your state pension age.

Before you reach state pension age, you will receive a letter from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB), after which you will be able apply for your state pension.

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ABP pension

Upon becoming an AUAS employee, you are automatically registered with the ABP. You are able to review the details of your pension via MijnABP. Simply use your DigiD to log in. Every year, you will also receive a Pension Statement from the ABP containing an overview of your pension.

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Value transfer

If you have accrued pension benefits with another pension fund, those benefits can be transferred to the ABP. For more information on transferring pension benefits and how to request such a transfer, please visit and search ‘waardeoverdracht’.

Impact of state pension age on participation in WS scheme

All relevant information on the impact of the increase of the state pension age for employees that are eligible or make use of the Decrease in Working Hours for Senior Citizens Scheme (Werktijdvermindering Senioren-regeling) or WS scheme under the CAO-HBO can be consulted below. AOW and participation in WS scheme 2021 (pdf)

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