Supplementary options and insurance

Multi-Option Pension

How to determine the net difference in the Multi-Option Pension through the decision on conditional pension rights:

ABP Multi-Option Pension and conditional pension rights (only in Dutch)

Supplementary options and insurance

You can also supplement the statutory provisions and pension with additional insurance you take out yourself. Both Loyalis (only in Dutch) and the ABP offer various types of personalised supplementary options.

Additional insurance for surviving dependants act shortfall

Entitlements to partner pensions have fallen now the ANW compensation scheme of the ABP is no longer applicable. This may have financial implications for surviving partners. For more information on additional insurance please see Insurances (only in Dutch).

Surviving dependant's pension

Frequently, a death will leave behind a spouse and/or children, who are entitled to receive a surviving dependant’s pension from the General Pension Fund for Public Employees (ABP), and possibly also a payment pursuant to the Surviving Dependants Act (Algemene Nabestaandenwet). Click on The Dutch pension system (pdf) for more information.

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