Personal details (changes)

If there are any changes in your personal situation, you can communicate this to the AUAS via the following channels.

  • Changes in your AUAS contact details, bank details, education or home address can be entered in the Digital Servicepoint Employee (DSPE). Go to the Self-service tab > Personal details.
  • Changes in your ancillary activities can also be entered in the DSPE, on the Self-service tab > Ancillary activities.
  • If there's a change in your civil status you can inform the personnel department by sending an email to the Service Desk AC.
  • If you want your contact details published in the public address book on, go to the DSPE > Self-service tab > Personal details and change the status to ‘Publish on the website and in Outlook'.
  • You can also use the DSPE app for all of the above.

Please note: if there is a change in your profile information (job description) you can change this at

Published by  Administration Centre 2 March 2021