Personnel file for supervisors

Each personnel file contains information specifically regarding the employment of the individual in question. Below, you will find supervisors’ most frequently asked questions about the personnel file.

You find the personnel files of your employees in the Digital Servicepoint Employee (DSPE), on the Personnel tab > Team.

You can upload documents, such as annual consultation reports yourself via DSPE. The Administration Centre (AC) will process your request, inspect the quality (legibility) of the document and decide whether to add it to the file or not. In some cases you need approval of the HR department to add a document to a file.

Staff not directly employed by the AUAS will also receive a personnel file; however, they will not be able to view the file themselves. These employees will, however, be granted access if they have a supported HR role in the staff database (SAP HR).

The HR department bears responsibility for seeing that the file is complete and correct. All requests must first be discussed with the HR department. If a solution is not forthcoming, the HR department will contact the head of the Department of Records and Information Services (DIV). The head of the DIV will discuss the matter with the head of Legal Affairs, after which the head of the DIV will report back to the HR staff and, if applicable, ensure the document is deleted.

Requests to add or delete a document should be submitted to your HR department.

Following approval, it usually takes less than a week to add or delete a document from a personnel file.

Published by  Administration Centre 29 May 2020