NS-Business Card

You can apply for an NS-Business Card if you use public transport and the distance between your home address and your place of work is 5 kilometres or more. If the distance is less than 5 kilometres, you can apply for an NS-Business Card for official travel only.

AUAS will only reimburse the costs of 2nd-class, surcharge-free commuting and official travel. The NS-Business Card is valid on the train, bus and underground. You can apply for an NS-Business Card in DSPE. Please go to Self-service > NS-Business Card. You cannot combine this with other forms of reimbursement, with the exception of the bicycle tax-break scheme, which you can use to buy a bike with tax advantages. You are not entitled to deduct your travel expenses when filing your income tax if you use the NS-Businesscard,

If you make a business trip with the NS-Business Card, you can report this afterwards in your account under 'travel history'. If you have made a private journey (by mistake), you can also report this there. These costs will be deducted from your salary.

For more information, see the instructions below.

Manual for cardholders (pdf)

Is your card stolen, damaged or missing?

In this case, send an email to servicedesk-ac@hva.nl and check if your address details in DSPE / Mijn NS Zakelijk are correct. Your card will be blocked immediately and a new one will be requested on your behalf. The duplicate will be delivered at your home address within 7 working days. Until your new NS Business Card has been sent to your home address by the NS, you can claim travel expenses for commuting for up to 7 days via DSPE. See Expenpense claims and Advance payments for the Expense Reimbursement Scheme.

Cancel your card

If you would like to cancel an NS-Business Card, please do so using the form below. If your employment comes to an end, then your NS-Business Card will automatically be cancelled. You cannot cancel your card in the first month of use, this is only possible one month after the start date.

Published by  Administration Centre 17 May 2022