Booking a business trip abroad

How to book official travel abroad

There are three ways you can book official travel abroad:

  • using the online booking tool, which you can find in DSPE ;
  • using the Travel Request Form;
  • by calling Munckhof on 020-7073242 (this is the only available option for travel by bus/coach).

Complete the two steps set out below if you are booking travel for yourself. If you are booking travel for a colleague, a third step is required.

  1. The traveller creates their own profile via DSPE > ‘Official Travel Abroad’ This takes about one minute and needs to be done only once. If you are booking travel for a colleague, you still need to create your own profile.
    Note: if you have two accounts – UvA and AUAS – you can of course create a profile for both accounts (optional).
  2. Set the right language (EN/NL) for your profile and enter your name as stated in your passport.
  3. If you are booking travel for a colleague, request Travel Arranger rights using this application form .

After completing these steps in the online booking tool, you can continue the booking in one of three ways:

  • Continue in the online booking tool. Use one of the buttons to select your desired trip and follow the steps in the system. You can find a guide in the online booking tool under the menu button (on the right). Note: if your trip is not listed here, please call Munckhof.
  • Continue on the Munckhof website and fill out the Travel Request Form .
  • Call Munckhof on 020-7073242 (this is the only available option for travel by bus/coach).

If you have any questions or are booking a complex trip or group travel of 10 persons and above, you can always contact Munckhof. Group travel for students is not included in the contract, but Munckhof can still provide you with support in this area.

AUAS encourages sustainable travel. So travel by train or by bus/coach if your destination can be reached within eight hours. If you need to fly, a direct flight is preferable to an indirect flight, because this generates lower CO2 emissions. You can find more information in this policy document (in dutch), chapter 6 Mobility.


  • You must always obtain approval before booking travel.
  • Travel booked through the online booking tool does not need to be funded in advance or declared. Invoicing takes place via the AUAS on the basis of the stated cost item number or WBS element.
  • Each faculty reports on the incurred costs for official travel abroad.
  • The current declaration forms remain available for use by employees.
  • The offered services make reference to the Tarieflijst verblijfkosten buitenlandse dienstreizen per 1 januari 2022 (Tariffs for accommodation expenses during official travel abroad as of 1 January 2022).

You can find more information about multitrip travel insurance for official travel abroad under Insurances .

When travelling, it is still advisable to keep your laptop and mobile phone as secure as possible .

Published by  Facility Services 4 April 2022