Official travel / business trips

Business trips are trips you make for work. For example, if you travel between faculties or to a work appointment. For business trips, you can use the NS-Business Card. If you do not have an NS-Business Card and you still incur travel costs for the AUAS outside of your normal home-work commute, you can claim these costs.

All employees, including those who live less than 5 kilometres from work can apply for the NS Business Card for business trips. This is stated in the 2021 commuting expenses reimbursement scheme, which has been extended until 31 December 2022.

More information about the NS-Business Card

If you don't have a NS-Business Card, please submit your official travel expenses claims, including a proof of payment, in DSPE > Self-service > Expense claim or advance payment.

Domestic business travel with OV chip card

Public transport costs are reimbursed, up to the second class level including supplements (for example, for an international train). When you claim travel expenses, please attach the original receipts and the reason of travelling.

If you use your OV chip card for travelling, it is required to print an overview of your travel costs. You can obtain this overview at an OV Service point, a ticket vending machine or online.

Overview through Service point or ticket vending machine

An overview received from a Service point ticket vending machine only contains the last 10 transactions. A transaction is any use of the OV chip card, such as checking in, checking out or charging it. A business trip, thus, consists of several transactions. At a ticket vending machine you can also print an overview of your balance or the ticket that you just purchased.

Overview via My OV-chipkaart

You can download and print your transactions at My OV-chipkaart (in Dutch mostly). This is possible for personal and anonymous cards. In order to download your transactions, you need to create a free account first and give your permission that data can be collected and saved. You can only view transactions from the date that you have granted the permission. Transactions may take up to a week to show on your overview and are saved for 18 months. The number of transactions that you can see is unlimited.

If you make a business trip with your own motor vehicle, the costs are reimbursed on the basis of the fiscally permitted net allowance per kilometre travelled (€0.19). This amount includes parking, ferry and toll costs. The number of kilometres you can claim in DSPE is based on the quickest route by car between the postcode of the starting address and the postcode of the destination address according to the ANWB Routeplanner. Fines for traffic violations will not be reimbursed. Make sure that you are insured for third-party liability. The AUAS accepts no liability for damage to or caused by your own vehicle.

Lodging expenses are costs for a hotel, breakfast, lunch, dinner and other costs that are a direct result of your business trip.
These costs must be assessed in advance by your manager. Afterwards, you can claim the accommodation costs incurred. This is subject to a maximum amount per day. The collective agreement for universities of applied sciences does not include any amounts for accommodation costs for domestic business trips. That is why the AUAS applies the amounts mentioned in the collective agreement 'Rijk' for these allowances. The maximum amount for accommodation costs in the Netherlands is mentioned in this agreement.

Official travel outside the Netherlands

If you plan to travel abroad for work, check Booking official travel abroad to see if you can book your trip through the Purchasing department. If this is not possible and you have to book (and pay) yourself, you can claim your expenses. For travelling abroad the same reimbursement conditions apply as for domestic travel and you will have to upload receipts along with your expense claim as well.

If you cannot book a hotel through the Purchasing department, you can claim the costs of your stay abroad. There is a maximum amount per day, which varies per country. Below you can find the maximum amount per day per country.

Reimbursement amounts as of 1 January 2022 (in Dutch)

More information

If you want to know more about reimbursable costs, visit Expense claims and advance payments. Here you will find the Regulations for expenses reimbursement and the Overview of reimbursable expenses.

Published by  Administration Centre 31 May 2022