Travel expenses

AUAS reimburses part of the costs of commuting. In this respect, AUAS has decided to encourage the use of bicycles and public transport. A number of allowances can be used in combination with each other: the tax-break scheme bicycle in combination with all other allowances, and the allowance for public transport in combination with the allowance for the OV bicycle if you have an NS Business Card. It is for you to decide which form of reimbursement will best fit your circumstances.

Only your actual travel days are reimbursed. You can travel 2nd class for commuting (with a travel distance of 5 kilometers or more) and business trips, including supplements (for example, for an international train). For private travel, you need your own subscription or card.

Employees who live less than 5 kilometres from work can apply for an NS Business Card for business trips. More information is laid out in the 2023 commuting expenses reimbursement scheme.

Travel to work expenses

There are four different types of reimbursement for travel to work expenses:

Make sure to submit applications and changes as soon as possible and during the current calendar year, since retroactive reimbursement for a previous calendar year is not possible.

Reimbursement of official travel

You can apply for an NS Business Card for official travel, also if you live less than 5 kilometres from your work address. You can register your journey afterwards in your NS account. If you do not have an NS Business Card and you incur official travel expenses for AUAS other than commuting expenses (e.g. work-related trips abroad), then you can claim for these. Claims (along with supporting evidence) can be submitted in DSPE. You can find more information under Official travel.

Employees with a disability

If you have a chronic illness or functional impairment that affects the way you travel (e.g. that you cannot travel by public transport), you are eligible for a kilometre allowance of €0.21 cents per kilometre and full reimbursement of parking costs or another form of transport reimbursement. You make your own arrangements about this with your manager. With your supervisor's approval, you can submit the agreements you have made to

For more information, please read the Commuting expenses compensation scheme or look in the A-Z under Working with disabilities.

Published by  Administration Centre In case of a difference of interpretation, this translation cannot be used for legal purposes. In those cases the Dutch text is binding. 14 March 2023