Take-a-break software (Breaktimer)

If you frequently work at a monitor, it is advisable to take frequent short breaks and regular longer breaks.

If you occasionally spend a few minutes doing exercises (at your desk), this decreases muscle tension in your arms, neck and shoulders. Longer breaks are more effective if you leave the workplace and really get moving. A physical meeting can also serve as a long break, since the physical (computer) activities are interrupted.


With the Breaktimer application, you are automatically alerted via a pause window when it is time to take a break. The settings are easy to adjust to your own preference. For example, when you take a break, the duration of the breaks and the number of breaks per working day. You can also completely adjust the appearance of this application to your own preference.

The Breaktimer application automatically alerts you when it's time to take a break via a pop-up window. You can download this program for free on any PC or laptop via: Microsoft System Center (Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center > Software Centre).

Published by  HR 19 April 2022