The workplace forms part of the work spaces within the AUAS. The AUAS offers the necessary facilities and services for a complete, safe and healthy workplace.

A safe and healthy workplace

The AUAS offers the following facilities and services to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

1. Set up your desk, chair and monitor correctly or ask the occupational health specialist or personnel adviser for workplace advice.
2. Use take-a-break software that alerts you when it is time for a (short) break and suggests relaxation exercises.
3. Test your vision regularly if you spend a lot of time at a monitor and purchase VDU glasses * (or ‘computer glasses’) if required.
4. If you have any questions about unwanted behaviour (such as aggression, discrimination or sexual harassment) or health and safety, please contact a confidential adviser.

  1. At each location, we explain what to do in the event of emergencies and you will find information about the company emergency response (BHV)* and first aid*.
  2. The AUAS makes various efforts to monitor the health and safety of its employees.

As part of the corona measures, the AUAS has set up a homeworking policy. The policy provides for the application of facilities to realize a good workplace at home.
For more information, read more: 'Workspace equipment'

Would you like advice on setting up and configuring the home workplace? Check the set up home workspace (pdf) or read more : 'Workplace adjustment'

More information

Considering the situation we are currently in, a special homeworking site has been set up with information about working from home.

Published by  HR 15 December 2020