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Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has introduced the AUAS Working from Home scheme. The scheme enables employees to apply for equipment to set up a proper workspace at home. The items will remain the property of AUAS and will be registered through a loan agreement.

Category 1

  • Send an email to the Health and Safety Advisor of your department stating your name and telephone number. You will then be contacted by telephone a.s.a.p. to discuss your workspace at home .
  • The HR coordinator will then send you an application form (loan agreeement) on which you can fill in the HR coordinator's advice.
  • Discuss the completed application form with your manager and ask for approval.
  • Send via email the approved application form to the designated contact person of the faculty, staff or service, including the HR coordinator of your faculty or service in the cc field.
  • The application form will be processed within the faculty or service and the requested equipment will be ordered and delivered to your home.

Category 2

  • You can discuss requests for other homeworking equipment that are not covered by the HR coordinator directly with your manager.
  • Complete the loan agreement and sent it to the contact person of the faculty, staff or service.
  • The application form will be processed within the faculty or service and the requested equipment will be ordered and delivered to your home.

More information


AUAS Working from home scheme

The home working scheme 2021 distinguishes between two categories for the available facilities. Each employee may request a maximum of one item per facility. Your supervisor must always approve the request.

Category 1

Home working facilities that require advice from the HR coordinator:

  • Standard height-adjustible desk
  • Standard office chair
  • (extra) Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keybord
  • Laptop stand
  • Footrest
  • Other facilities based on medical grounds

2. Home working facilities that do not require workplace advice:

  • Webcam
  • Headset
  • Docking station (port-replicator)
  • Required cables
  • Trackpad
  • Divergent headphones
  • Microphone

AUAS Working from home scheme – objective

Guiding principles of the AUAS Working from home scheme:

  • Equality of loans (every employee will be able to make use of the same/equivalent equipment)
  • The scheme deals with loans, not ownership (registration required)
  • Costs will be borne by the faculty/department (request based on cost centre/approval in process)
  • Requests will not be processed via the expenses claims process as they do not relate to property

All workspaces and offices are equipped with:

  • a height adjustable desk (for instructions on adjusting height, see Workplace adjustment
  • an office chair that meets OHS standards
  • a small cabinet
  • a rubbish bin
  • a paper bin
  • a coat stand
  • a whiteboard/pinboard
  • a plant
  • power sockets

Additional services

If you have any additional requests, the budget holder and facilities contact person have to obtain a price quote first. Items and services that can be requested include:

  • workspace/office furniture tailored to other workspace configurations (e.g. for activity-based work)
  • additional power sockets
  • modifications for specific indoor climate conditions
  • modified furniture
  • maintenance (including assembly/dismantling) of non-standard furniture: this is the responsibility of the purchaser. Facility Services can provide a price quote at the time of purchase


Please submit requests to the designated facilities contact person for your faculty, staff department or central service unit.

The hand-in proces is automated via Planon .
Please note: hand in your laptop and mobile phone via ICTS.

What do you need to do?

  • You create a notification with the request to come and collect the furniture.
  • The central warehouse / mailroom receives this notification.
  • They contact you to schedule an appointment to pick up the home office furniture.
  • The furniture goes to a central storagev facilty for cleaning and possible reuse.

Published by  Facility Services 11 August 2022