Access right and keys

Access to all AUAS buildings is controlled by means of digital and cylinder locks. You need certified keys and cards for access rights.

Access rights

Access rights for digital locks can be assigned to your Staff ID card. A Staff ID Card offers access to all central areas and general spaces open to all AUAS employees.

If you need additional access rights on your Staff ID Card, for instance for an archive or laboratory, you can apply for separate rights. Please contact the following contactpersons of your faculty or department:

FBE Gert-Jan Baerents
FBSV Monique van der Laan
FDMCI Roy Bolding
FG does not apply
FMR Janaika Bree
FOO Yvonne Wulder
FT Renate Blueming
Marjan van Louvezijn
Libraries Bianca Poederbach
Executive Staff Patricia Benedek


Authorised staff can request keys using the forms on this page. Your secretariat can inform you who is authorised to do this.

What to do in the event of a lost or stolen Staff ID Card or key

Theft or loss of a Staff ID Card

Theft or loss of a key

Please note that there is a charge for the replacement of lost keys.

What do I do with my staff ID card of key if I leave the AUAS's employment?

You do not need to hand in the staff ID card as it will be automatically deactivated on termination of your employment. Please hand in your key(s) to your supervisor.

Additional services

  • Additional digital locks can be installed upon request. If you wish to have one installed, please submit an application to the Service point/Customer service desk at your location.
  • If you need to change the settings for a specific lock, submit an application to the Servicepoint/Customer service desk at your location.

The agreements at a glance

  • Applications for access rights must always be submitted to your supervisor.
  • For access to specific areas you will need additional access rights.
  • If the key is in stock, the building manager will deliver it within two working days. If the key is not in stock, it will be ordered.
  • As these are certified keys, the delivery time is five to six weeks. Delivery times may be shorter if the keys are in stock.
Published by  Facility Services 5 November 2021