Fact sheet building management

Building managers are your first point of contact when it comes to matters concerning the AUAS buildings. As the building managers can be deployed to all the university’s buildings, the continuity of service is always guaranteed. There is always at least one building manager available per cluster from Monday to Friday during opening hours until 5:30 p.m.

A few examples of the work building managers carry out:

  • detecting and resolving malfunctions and unsafe or undesirable situations

  • performing minor (preventative and corrective) maintenance independently

  • carrying out small jobs, such as hanging up painting railings, raising the height of tables

  • carrying out minor maintenance jobs, such as securing door-closers, oiling locks, clearing simple blockages, changing light bulbs, etc.

  • doing initial repairs to leaks or other emergency situations (to prevent them from escalating)

  • monitoring (where possible) compliance with statutory and internal regulations and taking action in the event of non-compliance

  • ensuring applications, reports and malfunction reports are processed in a timely fashion

  • liaising with users and service providers regarding work to be carried out

  • calling users to account regarding undesirable behaviour or actions

  • arranging minor maintenance projects carried out by contract parties (floor covering in rooms, painting of rooms, halls, etc.)

  • ensuring contract parties carry out their contracted activities correctly and in good time

  • moving furniture within rooms, providing such furniture is easy to handle

  • monitoring and promoting clean, safe, sustainable and orderly buildings

  • clearing notice boards in public areas

  • responsible for key management, managing and issuing keys and certain passes

  • preventative and active pest control (mice, wasps, etc.)

  • coordinating site work and green area maintenance

  • coordinating waste management

  • separating waste and monitoring the separation of waste

  • maintenance management of lecture halls and public areas

  • detecting and reporting filthiness or poor cleaning

  • maintaining contact with the other departments, such as ICTS, for the purpose of reporting and making cluster work arrangements

  • maintaining contact with contractors and other UvA parties with the aim of ensuring cluster services run smoothly without inconvenience to users

  • attending to first-line maintenance work for other internal departments in order to inspect situations and report to the appropriate parties, for example when complaints arrive concerning heating/cooling or when emergency exits need replacing

  • maintaining operational contacts with all contract parties working in a cluster, such as security, catering, vending machine service staff, construction staff, painters, etc

1 January 2018