Real estate information

area registration and drawing management

Construction drawings and descriptions of all AUAS buildings are kept up to date.

The descriptions include, amongst other matters, surface areas and details about internal and external lessees. These are linked to cost centres, maps and floor plans.

Authorised employees can access this data via the web-viewer system. Based on this data, costs are calculated and passed on. This data can also be used to gain insight into how the space in each building is used.

Submitting requests

Requests for drawings, floor plans etc. can be submitted to the FS Service Desk.

Report changes

Do you wish to report a change to the use of an area or authorise an employee? If so, then the Space Utilisation Regulations apply. You can register the change or authorisation via the FS Service Desk.

Web viewer

You can find area/location data, drawings and floor plans by logging in to the PeoplePower web viewer. If you are not authorised to access the web viewer, then you can request this authorisation from Levi Rumahroeson via When submitting your request, please state your UvA ID, your position, and the faculty, service or department for which you work.

29 March 2018