Staff ID card

How do I get a (new) staff ID card? What can I use my staff ID card for? How and where do I top up credit on my staff ID card? On this page you will find the answers to questions concerning the staff ID card.

On commencing employment you will receive an email via your AUAS email account on how to request a Staff ID card. On you can upload your passport photo. Please ensure that your passport photo satisfies at least the following criteria:

  1. It must be a clear, recent passport-quality passport photo.
  2. It must be a good likeness of you.
  3. The file must be a JPEG file.
  4. The file must be no smaller than 50 KB and no bigger than 3 MB.
  5. The photo must be clear and detailed and must provide sufficient contrast (not too light or too dark).
  6. Your face (chin, mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows) must be fully visible, even with head covering, and you must be facing forwards.
  7. The main part of the photo must be your face.
  8. The photo must be of one person only.
  9. The photo can be colour or black and white.
  10. Photos with a Snapchat (or similar) filter are not permitted.

Please note: The staff ID card serves as your ID card for AUAS facilities and services. To be valid, your picture must be clear and meet the conditions.

You will receive an email on when and where to come and collect it. When you receive it it will already be activated.

The staff ID card serves as a proof of identity at the AUAS. You will be issued with a free staff ID card on commencing employment. You can use your staff ID card to:

  • gain access to all AUAS's standard rooms, most of the lecture rooms and bicycle parking facilities. See Access rights and keys for information on how to request access to specific areas like laboratories and archives.
  • get free coffee, tea and other hot drinks from the vending machines.
  • use electronic lockers and pigeon-holes in departments where these are available.
  • copying, printing and scanning.
  • borrow books from all libraries.
  • pay in restaurants, at food/drink vending machines and Services Points. You can use the credit on your staff ID card to make payments at the library desks (you can also use a debit card). For more information see Paying at the AUAS.

Some older-model ID cards have an expiration date. This won’t affect you when you use the card for the purposes mentioned above. When your employment contract ends, the card will no longer provide access to these services.

You can top up your card online via myNetPay or at charging points at AUAS and UvA locations. For information see Paying at the AUAS.

See Service Points for information about their services on site. Opening hours may vary.

  • In the event of loss, you can block your staff ID card and request a replacement card via Replacement of a lost staff ID card is free.
  • If you find your lost card you can contact the Service point to get it unblocked. If a new staff ID card has already been requested, the old card will not be unblocked.

If your card is not working properly (when opening doors for example), please report this to a Service Point. Defective cards without visible damage will be replaced free of charge.

A visitor's card will grant your visitors access to non-public areas at the AUAS. You can request a visitor's card for guests from the service desk. Your visitor will receive their card on arrival at the AUAS. Access rights depend on the profile on the card.

When leaving the AUAS' employment your card will be automatically deactivated. You can hand in your staff ID card at a Service Point or you can send it by internal mail to:

Facility Services - Team Service card
PO Box 200
1000 AE Amsterdam

Please note: Make sure you cancel the credit account linked to your staff ID card if there is still credit left on the card. You can do so via myNetPay. The credit on your staff ID card kan be cancelled up to three months after leaving the AUAS' employment.

Published by  Facility Services 14 February 2023