IT-tools for working remotely

On this page you will find an overview of tools that help you to work or collaborate online. We also list which IT facilities you need to be able to do your work remotely.

With Microsoft Teams and OneDrive you can easily connect remotely with colleagues, teachers and students from inside and outside the AUAS. You can chat, video call, share documents and work in them together, hold online meetings and share your screen.

For more information, visit the Microsoft 365 support site.

By storing documents and digital data centrally, you can access your data from anywhere. Store your data in the cloud through Microsoft Teams, OneDrive or SURFdrive. For researchers, there is a data storage service Research Drive.

Read more on data storage possibilities

Through you can log in to your ICT workstation on any device (such as your home computer, smartphone or tablet) and with any operating system (such as Windows, iOS/MacOS or Android). This gives you safe and easy access to all your files and AUAS applications. Would you like to use Then go to via your browser and log in with your AUAS ID and password. Everything works through your browser, so there is no need to install any software. See also the explanation below 'For advanced users: other options for access'.


Accessing your Virtual ICT workstation for:

Saving files

Files that you save to your desktop via your virtual ICT workstation in the AVD environment, or to the Documents and Pictures folders remain available even after you log out. You also have access to your OneDrive. As you were used to in the Citrix environment, files that you save to the Download and Upload folders are not saved in the AVD environment either. As soon as you log out, files stored in these folders will disappear.

For advanced users: other access options

You can access your virtual ICT workplace in your browser via . This way you use the application over the Internet and do not need to install any software (client). If you prefer to use a "client" (software installed on your device) for the virtual ICT workspace, you can try one of these other two options:

  • client from the Microsoft Store;
  • clients that you install via a (.msi) installation file.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages, these are described in this document. General information about the different options can be read on the website of Microsoft: .

When logging in, the AUAS laptop connects to the AUAS network via Pulse Secure. With this connection you can:

  • Use the AUAS servers, so you can always work on the V and W drive.
  • Install new AUAS programs while you are away from the AUAS.

VPN allows you to work safely from home. You log in to VPN with your AUAS-ID.

Read more about how to set up a VPN connection

To forward your fixed-line telephone to another phone you can follow these steps.

  1. Press the "Forward" button on the display;
  2. Select the call forwarding function you want to activate;
  3. Press the Select or OK button to activate the diversion.
    Caution! You will now hear a tone indicating that you have dialed the phone number to which it is to be redirected.
  4. When you have entered the number, you will hear a confirmation tone and the the corresponding light will come on.

Our digital learning environment (DLO) Brightspace offers opportunities to provide education digitally. For example, you can continue to provide education when classes cannot take place physically, for example due to the current pandemic.

On this page you will find manuals and resources you can use, such as instructions for Virtual Classroom and posting messages on Brightspace.

Even if you work from home or elsewhere outside the AUAS, it is important that you work safely in a digital environment. Company data such as research data and students' personal data are sensitive and must therefore be properly protected. The last thing you want at this uncertain time is for your wifi network or account to be abused by cyber criminals. Please take the following advice seriously.

Is your home wifi network secure?

Have you ever changed the default passwords of your Access Point or router and when did you last update your router? Read all the tips and more info (in Dutch).

Do you have a secure password on your devices?

Does your AUAS account, your router, your phone or applications you work with, all have a different password, or even better: a passphrase? Read more about secure passwords.

Is your software completely up to date?

Have you performed the most recent updates on your operating system, software and apps? Read more about imporant updates.

Read more about working safely in a digital environment

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Published by  ICT Services 4 August 2022