Data storage

By storing documents and data centrally, you can access your data anywhere. You can store your data in the cloud via OneDrive. For researchers there is the data storage service Research Drive.

Storage for research data

This is a data storage service for researchers developed by SURF. This cloud-based data storage environment offers a place where you can safely store your research data.

Getting started with Research Drive

The selection tool provides an overview of the different storage options.

The manual for the selection tool pdf, 2 p. will help you to get started.

Open the selection tool

Personal and shared file storage

Your AUAS account gives you access to OneDrive. OneDrive is your personal file storage in the cloud and, in combination with Microsoft Teams, enables secure online file collaboration. More information about OneDrive can be found on the Microsoft 365 support site.

Support & training

The AUAS Digiteam offers 1-to-1 support and training on OneDrive.

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In Microsoft Teams, you can share documents with your colleagues and collaborate on them at the same time. These documents are stored in SharePoint, which offers shared storage space in the cloud. You can find more information about Microsoft Teams and SharePoint on the Microsoft 365 support site.

Support & training

The AUAS Digiteam offers 1-to-1 support and training courses on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

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Other file storage

Please note: ICT Services recommends using OneDrive for storing files. If you want to switch from SURFdrive to OneDrive, you need to move your files. The manual below explains how to do this.

SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for the Dutch higher education and research community, offering staff and researchers an easy way to store and share files Each staff member has 500GB of storage space via SURFdrive. Because SURFdrive comes under Dutch and European jurisdiction, your data stored on it are secure. SURFdrive is primarily a self-service facility. For more information about this, go to the SURFdrive website. Also read the frequently asked questions and the related documentation.

Manual Moving your personal files from SURFdrive to OneDrive

Even though ICT Services recommends using OneDrive and does not support Dropbox or Google Drive, it might be necessary to use them on occasion. For this reason, the Dropbox and Google Drive PC applications are available via the Application Catalogue (Start > All Programs > Software Maintenance > Application Catalogue). Also when using Dropbox and Google Drive, it is recommended that you save your synchronised files locally and not to install these applications on computers used by several people.

Published by  ICT Services 12 May 2023