Research Drive

The No. 1 data storage for research

Research Drive is a data storage service for researchers that has been developed by SURF. This data storage environment is located in the cloud and gives you a place to store your research data securely.

Researchers often work in consortia. If you work with other researchers within and outside the UvA or with companies at home and abroad, as well as with semi-public organisations, government agencies and other knowledge institutions, Research Drive offers a simple and effective medium for you and your partners to collaborate. It can also be used to simplify interactions with students. Research data can be easily shared via Research Drive and you can work in documents at the same time. All files on Research Drive are encrypted by default.

Research Drive is clearly structured based on groups. Each research team has a data owner, who is responsible for the project environment. This data owner creates groups and a folder structure and can grant (groups of) users access to specific folders. Access to Research Drive requires two-factor authentication. First, log in with your UvAnet ID, then use your mobile phone to complete an additional security step. External parties can be assigned a guest account and can easily upload files using a public link provided by the data owner. Thanks to these features, working in Research Drive is easy, safe and convenient.

Research Drive is intended for storage purposes during your research project. Working in Research Drive using your web browser is straightforward – or you can use software to work locally in a folder on your PC or laptop that is linked to Research Drive. The local folder will automatically synchronise with Research Drive in the cloud. Deleted items in the recycle bin can be retrieved for up to 365 days. In addition, you will be able to retrieve earlier versions of files with a two-week storage period. SURF works continuously to further develop Research Drive, based on the needs of researchers.

Upon applying, you will receive as much storage capacity as you need. Moving forward, you will be able to scale up your storage capacity as needed using the ‘submit requests or changes’ button – simple and straightforward. Research Drive can be used free of charge by individual users and research teams.

As a data owner, you can apply to use Research Drive. You will receive a starter package, including a tutorial. You will then be able to setup up the project environment. The starter pack contains:

In Research Drive you will find English language video tutorials, wiki and FAQs.

In addition to information of SURF on Research Drive you find below information and manuals on how to work with Research Drive and which software programmes you need to install.

Published by  ICT Services 17 June 2022