As an employee of AUAS, you can use the SURFdrive cloud service to securely store your data and share them with others. All employees have access to 100 GB of personal storage capacity.

- Your SURFdrive and all data in it are automatically deleted upon expiry of your AUAS ID.

- If you use SURFdrive to store highly confidential organisational data (e.g. personal details), you must encrypt them, for example using AES Crypt or .ZIP software such as 7-Zip.

How it works

  • SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service that enables you to store, synchronise and share files easily in the secure and reliable SURF cloud. Your data are stored by Dutch companies in the Netherlands.
  • SURFdrive is available to all AUAS employees. As an employee, you automatically have access and can set up your personal space as you wish. SURFdrive offers 100 GB of storage capacity.
  • You can install SURFdrive at a managed AUAS workstation from the Start menu and download additional software or apps to use it on other machines and mobile devices.
  • Further information about using SURFdrive is available in the frequently asked questions and tutorials sections of the SURFdrive website.
  • Scheduled maintenance is always carried out on Friday evenings between 18:00 and 24:00 and announced seven days in advance on the SURFdrive website. During maintenance, the service may be suspended briefly.

Logging in to SURFdrive

You can access SURFdrive through your browser or an app on your computer, smartphone or tablet by using your AUAS ID and password.

Synchronising files with the SURFdrive Sync Client

The Sync Client ensures that all files stored in the SURFdrive folder which is linked to your computer are also automatically stored in the cloud, and vice versa.

Employees who have a managed AUAS workstation can access the Sync Client for Windows from the Application Catalog (Start > All Programs > SURFdrive). Employees with a non-managed AUAS workstation (Self-Support) can get the Sync Client from the SURFdrive website.

Important! When using the Sync Client, we advise storing synchronised files in the folder located at the following path: C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\. This will ensure that your files are saved locally on the hard drive of your computer and not copied to the linked network drive under W:\. Also, avoid using the Sync Client on computers shared by several people, as there may not be enough capacity on the drive.

SURFdrive support

If you have any questions about installing the Sync Client on an AUAS workstation (Standard) or you have trouble logging in, contact the ICTS Service Desk.

Published by  ICT Services 29 May 2017