Creating and sending mass e-mails

Mass e-mails are newsletters or e-mails sent to large groups of recipients.

There is a risk that mass emails will end up in the recipient's spam folder. This can be due to the recipient's settings as well as the way the email is set up or sent. Unfortunately, the AUAS has little influence on the receiver's settings. We do, however, have control over how we create and send our emails. By ensuring that the email complies with a number of guidelines, the sender can minimise the risk of the email being seen as spam.

Read the guidelines for mass emails

We have drawn up guidelines for creating and sending mass emails. These guidelines contain all relevant and up-to-date information relating to mass emails. Please read them carefully before you start drafting your email. If you have any questions about creating and sending mass emails, please contact and mention in the subject field that your message is about mass emails.

Recipient limit on outgoing email

To help combat spam, a recipient limit has been established for outgoing emails. For this reason, a maximum of 500 email addresses can be added as recipients to a single email. If you want to add more than 500 recipients, please contact the ICTS Service Desk via to discuss other options. Be sure to mention in the subject field that your message is about mass emails.

Published by  ICT Services 27 October 2020