Frequently asked questions, tips and manuals

You can request an e-mail alias via and My Details.

It is not preferable to have your e-mail automatically forwarded to another account. Not only the AUAS, but also other organisations or individuals take extra security measures to protect their e-mail account. The extra security measures taken by senders and/or addressees may hinder automatic forwarding. This can result in a complicated error message. Or forwarded e-mails will never arrive.

Do you still want to forward mail automatically?

You can use Inbox rules to automatically forward or redirect messages sent to your mailbox to another account. This support page from Microsoft tells you how to set this up.

It can be useful to authorise someone else (e.g. a support staff member) to schedule online meetings on your behalf in your Teams calendar. Follow these simple steps to set this up.

AUAS staff can see the contact details of AUAS staff and students in the e-mail address lists. Only staff in the shared service units (AC, FS, ICT Services) can also see the contact details of UvA staff in these units. This decision was made due to privacy regulations.

For security reasons, reading e-mails using the POP3 protocol is no longer allowed.

See the manual for setting up a signature in Outlook. Bear in mind that the AUAS has rules which your signature must comply with. These rules are available here.

No, this is no longer possible. A personal e-mail inbox has 100 GB of storage. The assumption is that this is more than enough space to save all your e-mails. In the event that multiple people end up running out of space, ICT Services will look for a solution.

Published by  ICT Services 15 February 2021