Group e-mail accounts and mailing lists

A group e-mail account allows multiple employees to process emails via a shared account. This is useful for degree programme committees, service department units, staff offices etc. The purpose of mailing lists is to enable e-mails to be sent to a large group of staff members in one go.

Group e-mail account

The advantage of a group e-mail account is that e-mails can be sent to the group inbox rather than the personal e-mail account of an individual staff member. If you wish to request a group e-mail account, contact your ICT contact person.

Mail adress group mailbox

  • is fixed
  • The part before @ consists in principle of <functional part><hyphen><abbreviation of organizational unit>, such as:
    • can contain the following characters: 0-9, a-z, hyphen (-)
    • does not contain spaces, dots and underscores
    • only lower case letters
  • Exceptions are conceivable in coordination with Communicatie Online . Check this before submitting the application to department IV (usually via the service manager or ICT contact person of your faculty or service).

Display name (sender)

  • Possible to alternate upper and lower case
  • Abbreviations are in principle capitalized, unless the abbreviation of the organizational unit is a mixed one
  • Spaces are possible
  • Example (from:) Hogeschool van Amsterdam


In Outlook, the group mailbox opens automatically at the bottom of the list of mailboxes (if you have rights to that group mailbox). When you unfold the group mailbox you can see all its contents. If you do not see the group mailbox, just follow this manual to add it.


In Webmail, you can open the group e-mail account by clicking on your name in the top-right corner of the home screen. Enter the e-mail address of the group e-mail account and click on 'Open'.

Telephones and tablets

If you want to open the group e-mail account in the Outlook app on your phone or tablet, follow the steps in this Microsoft manual.

Mailing lists

The purpose of mailing lists is to enable e-mails to be sent to a large group of staff members in one go. If you want to create a distribution list, so you can easily send e-mails from your personal e-mail account to larger groups of employees, request a mailing list from your ICT contact person.

Published by  ICT Services 23 June 2021