You can use your email account to send, receive and save emails, preferably via Outlook or Webmail.

The functionalities of your email account allow you to:

  • send, receive and save emails;
  • manage your agenda, schedule appointments and reserve meeting rooms;
  • manage your personal contacts;
  • manage tasks;
  • share email folders with your colleagues and students.

Your personal email account has 100GB of data storage.

Email security through two-factor authentication

To prevent misuse of your email, your email account is protected with two-factor authentication. This requires you to complete a one-time registration procedure. In case of a suspicious login attempt on your email account, you will then be asked to provide an additional confirmation of the login on your mobile phone. Read more about two-factor authentication here.

Email-related services

The following services are available on request:

Published by  ICT Services 27 October 2020