Manuals Security Measures (Secure Self)

Protect your data!

Do you have a self-support ICT workstation? Then you are responsible for protecting the personal data in your e-mail, documents or research on your laptop or desktop. Download the manual that fits your situation.

Today, a virus scanner is no longer adequate to properly protect your self-support ICT workplace . For this reason, the AUAS strongly recommends Microsoft's Defender for Endpoint package. In addition to scanning for viruses, this package provides the following protection:

  • real-time scanning of all files for known threats
  • scanning for as yet unknown malware by watching for unusual behaviour of all software on the computer
  • checking for software with known vulnerabilities installed on the computer
  • isolate potentially malicious software before it can do any major damage.

The package is now available for Self-support Mac computers. Windows computers will follow later.

How do I apply for the Defender for Endpoint package?

  • Send a request to your ICT contact person.
  • The package will then be automatically installed on your Mac via Intune.

Published by  ICT Services 27 October 2022