Secure Self

Mandatory protection of all self-managed mobile devices

Regularly the laptops or (work) phones of employees disappear. And whether or not the lost devices were secure is unknown. On the advice of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the Executive Board decided to have all devices, purchased by the AUAS, secured in accordance with the standard for information security within educational institutions. All faculties, services and staff must implement a set of security measures in and ICT Services has the task of supporting them in this.

Secure Self

With 'Secure Self, a secure self-managed ICT workstation', all equipment purchased by the AUAS is encrypted, password-protected and registered. This concerns the ICT self-managed workstations, but also the work phones and tablets of all employees.

Secure Self is supported by the Executive Board, the deans, the directors of business operations, education and research. All employees must be aware of the need and obligation to make and keep their equipment safe. In this way, the loss of privacy-sensitive data can be prevented and reputation damage can be averted. Working safely is a priority.

Important to know

The security measures are mandatory. All employees have a maximum of 3 months to complete the registration and thus to keep the informationsecurity in order.

The security measures are mandatory. Need help?

  • Extensive manuals for each operating system are available. Click here to go to the page or click on Manuals Secure Self via the navigation.
  • You can also call the ICTS Service Desk: 020 595 1402.

Published by  ICT Services 30 April 2021