Necessary security update for your ICT workstation

You will be asked to install an update for your ICT workstation during the September-October period.

This update is necessary because a security leak has been identified in the Intel processors of both Windows and Apple computers. As a result, millions of PCs have become vulnerable and are now easy targets for hackers. Installing this update will protect your ICT workspace against the risk presented by this leak.

How to install the update

How to install the update will vary depending on your type of ICT workspace.

  • A pop-up window on your computer will ask you to install the update
  • Select the 'Install' button to install the update.
  • This process will take approximately 10 minutes, depending on how fast your ICT workspace and the network are.
  • Your location during the installation does not matter, as long as you are connected to the Wi-Fi network and the mains current.

Please note:
the connection to the mains current should be maintained until the update has been completed. The reason is that the ICT workspace may become irreparably damaged if it runs out of power during the update.

Would you rather postpone the update?

  • For a period of three days after the update is suggested, you can postpone the update by four hours at a time.
  • After three days, postponement will no longer be possible and you will have to install the update.

Published by  ICT Services 29 August 2019