What’s new in the feature update?

The latest feature update is the 1909 version of Windows 10. The main new features in this version are as follows:

The new internet browser Microsoft Edge is installed:

  • Microsoft Edge offers a faster and more productive way to surf the Internet;
  • Internet Explorer remains active (next to Google Chrome and Firefox);
  • If Internet Explorer was your default browser Edge will be the new default browser. If you have Firefox or Google Chrome as your default browser, that remains unchanged;
  • If you notice that a web page does not work properly with Microsoft Edge, try one of your other browsers.

A large search field has been added at the bottom left of the taskbar:

  • This can be hidden by: clicking with the mouse in the taskbar on the right mouse button. Then select 'Search' and then 'Hidden' or 'Show search icon'.
Published by  ICT Services 30 April 2021