Windows 10 feature update

With Windows 10, Microsoft has also introduced regular feature updates: new versions of Windows 10 with security updates and new features that make your work easier. This ensures your ICT workstation is always up to date! The feature update applies to all managed desktops and laptops.

Each faculty and organisational unit can install the feature update at their convenience. Depending on your personal situation, the procedure for installing the update is as follows:

  1. I have an AUAS-managed laptop
    You will be able to install the feature update yourself from te pop-up during the installation period. Please be aware that, during the installation, you will be unable to use your laptop for up to 2 hours and that your laptop has to be connected to a power outlet. The installation can also be carried out from home.
  2. I have a self-managed ICT workstation (Self with Windows 10)
    Microsoft will send you an individual feature update, independent of your settings.

You will get a message on your laptop/desktop asking you to perform the installation. This can be postponed - within the installation period.

Please note that during installation:

  • you can't use your laptop for about 2 hours;
  • your laptop is connected to the power outlet;
  • your laptop screen has to be open.

When will the installation be completed?

When you see the start screen and need to log in with your AUAS-ID and password. After logging in, you will be taken to your desktop. If you get to a blue screen, the installation is still in progress!

Has the installation period for installing the feature update expired? Then the feature update will be installed automatically the next time you start up your AUAS laptop. We advise you to schedule a moment to do the installation yourself.

On the ICT workstions in teaching rooms and study areas the Windows 10 feature update has allready been installed by the ICTS team.

Published by  ICT Services 6 November 2020