Why are the ICT workstations being upgraded?

Thanks to the upgrade, you will be able to use the newest applications, while your ICT workstation will be better protected against theft, loss and hacking. Windows 10 is also necessary because Microsoft will cease supporting the current operating system Windows 7 in 2019.

Which ICT workstations will be upgraded?

If you have a laptop or desktop managed by the HvA, it will be upgraded. All computers in the lecture rooms, computer rooms, study rooms, testing rooms, project spaces and at the information desks will be upgraded as well. All in all, some 5,000 computers are involved.

Why are the three aspects of the upgrade schedule not introduced simultaneously?

The upgrade was divided into stages so allow users can get used to each new situation before encountering another.

What does the planning look like?

We will begin by rolling out Windows 10. This roll-out will be done one faculty, unit or department at a time by a local project leader in conjunction with the Windows 10 team of ICTS. To find out when your faculty, unit or department is due, check the planning on our website.

What can you expect as an employee?

A few weeks before Windows 10 will be rolled out, you will receive an email from ICT-Werkplek HvA explaining what you need to do and when. You can make an appointment to have Windows 10 installed or to exchange your laptop. You will be unable to work on your ICT workstation during part of the installation process. Be sure to take this factor into account when making an appointment.

It is important that you secure locally stored data and personal settings in advance, as these items will be deleted. Of course, you will receive clear instructions on how to do so.

Members of the Windows 10 team will be available in person for questions wherever a roll-out is taking place. In addition, our website has a lot of information which will help you make the switch to Windows 10. There are checklists, manuals, FAQs and knowledge clips. If you do encounter any problems, you can always contact the ICTS Service Desk.

A number of departments have already switched to Windows 10. What are the initial experiences like?

Staff members have said that the switch went quite easily. Of course, there were a few teething problems. Having to restart your computer a few times after having installed Windows 10 is annoying. However, this problem is being addressed and will hopefully be resolved quickly.

In general, employees are positive about Windows 10. Any key can be pressed to log in, no longer requiring the CTRL-ALT-DEL combination. Finding and starting an application can be done quickly and easily. If you want to know what Windows 10 looks like, watch our video’s.

What is the Windows 10 installation process like?

Laptops are picked up on location when an appointment has been made and taken to the Leeuwenburg building to install Windows 10. Although we try to install Windows 10 during the evening as often as possible, daytime installation is unavoidable given the large numbers involved. During the installation process, employees will not be able to use their ICT workstation. If you hand in your laptop at the end of the day, it will be ready to pick up the following morning, while handing it in in the morning means that you will be able to pick it up in the afternoon. There are a few laptops that can be loaned out by the project team, while some faculties have made their own arrangements to alleviate matters during the process.

Desktops are dealt with in a separate schedule arranged in consultation with the faculty coordinators.

What happens if my laptop is being replaced?

To trade in your laptop, you can make your own appointment. You will receive an email about this matter. Your old laptop will be traded directly for a new one at the agreed time. To confirm that you have secured your data from the old laptop and received your new one, you will have to sign when handing in your old laptop. This process should only take a few minutes. Afterwards, you can get started with Windows 10.

My ICT workstation is being replaced. Can I purchase the old one?

If your laptop or desktop is being replaced, you can buy your old one for a nice price. You can do so by going to personnel sales on the website of MilieuPC, the company handling your purchase. The UvA is not involved in the sale. Please note that the laptop will be restored to basic factory settings by MilieuPC, which means that you must reinstall Windows yourself or ask MilieuPC to do so for you.

What is the procedure?

ICTS will make an appointment with you about handing in or picking up your outdated device. Once the appointment has been made, fill in the form from MilieuPC. A few weeks later, you will receive a quote from MilieuPC by email. If you agree with the quoted amount, the device will be delivered to your home or made available for pick-up in Lelystad.

Published by  ICT Services 2 August 2018