Microsoft Teams for online education

Important information for teachers

As of September 2021 AUAS only uses Microsoft Teams for online education. This offers advantages because Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 environment and can therefore be used seamlessly in combination with other Microsoft applications. This means Bongo Virtual Classroom is no longer supported.

Microsoft Teams linked to Brightspace

MS Teams is linked to Brightspace. This means you will have two options:

1) From in your existing Brightspace course, you can automatically create a corresponding Team in which members can collaborate and you can teach your classes. A number of structures will be made available, so that the various Courses, Sections and/or Groups can be reflected in Teams and Channel structures.

2) You can create online lessons from within your course, so that the link to each lesson will appear directly in your course. This option most closely resembles creating online lessons in Bongo Virtual Classroom. With this option, you will not need to create a separate Team as you did for option 1.

End of use of Bongo Virtual Classroom

As of September 2021, Bongo Virtual Classroom is no longer available for online classes. We will use Microsoft Teams from now on.

Published by  ICT Services 6 October 2021