The most important difference is that you can use Skype for Business to contact your colleagues at the AUAS directly. There is no longer any need to enter them into your list of contacts manually. What's more, their availability is immediately visible because it is linked to their Outlook calendar. Skype for Business also offers a number of possibilities not found in Skype, such as the ability to host a remote meeting with a much larger group.

If you have a person's email address you can send them an invitation for an online meeting from Outlook. You can also do this for a group of students, so you can organise a online consultation hour.

Your status is linked to your Outlook calendar. When you have appointments on your calendar, your status will be ‘Busy’. When your laptop is linked to a beamer, the status ‘Presenting’ will be shown. You can change your status using the triangle under your name. If you do not wish to be disturbed, you can select ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Appear away’. Becoming invisible – and therefore impossible to contact – can only be done by signing out.

You can also disable this option by going to the main menu of Skype for Business and selecting ‘Tools’, ‘Options’, ‘Personal’ and then clicking to remove the tick next to ‘Update my presence based on my calendar information’.

This is only possible with the Windows version of Skype for Business. Make sure the photo is available online, on LinkedIn or a website (possibly your own), for example.

  1. Copy the web address of the photo by moving your mouse over the photo and right-clicking; then click to select ‘Copy image location’;
  2. Go to the main Skype screen and click ‘Extra’ > ‘Options’ > ‘My photo’;
  3. Select ‘Display a photo from a web page;
  4. Paste the URL into the field.

It might be that your microphone or speakers are not adjusted to the proper settings. Open Skype for Business and click on the gear icon in the upper right (‘Options’). Go to ‘Audio settings'. You can use the button ‘Test call quality’ to conduct a test call. If necessary, adjust the settings for ‘Speaker’, ‘Microphone’ or ‘Ringing’.

Yes, there is a separate folder in Outlook named ‘Conversation history’ where your chat messages will be saved. You can also disable this option by going to the main menu of Skype for Business and selecting ‘Extra’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Personal’ and then removing the tick marks next to ‘Save Chats in the e-mail folder Conversation history’ and ‘Save my conversation logs in the e-mail folder Conversation history’.

Yes, it will. However, Skype for Business for Mac does have reduced functionality.

If you have a managed AUAS workstation you can use Skype for Business in the same way as you would at work. All you need is an internet connection. To use Skype for Business from your own device you have to install the software and sign in with the correct information. There are no additional costs.

In Skype for Business you can set up a limited group who can contact you. First, you have to set your status to ‘Do not disturb’. After that, select the persons who can contact you. This status will remain in place until you change it manually.

How do I select the people who can contact me even if my status is set to 'Do not disturb'?
In Skype for Business, select the contact with a right mouse click. Choose 'Change Privacy Relationship'. Then click on 'Workgroup' to give the person permissions to contact you.

To sign out, open the Skype for Business main menu and go to ‘File', then ‘Sign out'.

Do you want to prevent Skype for Business from starting up automatically in future?
In the main menu, select ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Personal’ and then click to deselect the tick mark next to ‘Automatically start the app when I log on to Windows’.

Published by  ICT Services 18 March 2020