Changes, cancellations and number retention

Requests for changes, cancellations and number retention are always processed via the ICT contact person and ICTS Service Desk.

ICTS registers the details of your mobile phone and contract separately. If you wish to make changes, it is important that you clearly specify whether the amendment relates to your mobile phone and/or your contract. The following details are recorded:


  • Employee
  • IMEI number
  • Type of device
  • Purchase date
  • Cost centre for purchasing costs
  • Department
  • Status


  • Employee
  • Mobile phone number
  • Start date
  • Profile type
  • Cost centre for contract fees/user costs
  • Department
  • Status

Changes or cancellation

Inform the ICTS Service Desk of any changes to your contract. You can cancel your contract at any time, effective as of the last day of the month subsequent to your cancellation. For example, if you cancel your contract in mid-September, your contract will expire on 31 October of the same year.

Number retention

If a staff member wishes to use a private mobile phone number as their work phone number or if a staff member leaves AUAS and wishes to retain their mobile phone number, then they can submit a number retention request to the ICT contact person.

Display number in MyAUAS, Outlook and Webmail

Do you want your number to be visible in MyAUAS, Outlook and Webmail? If so, go to the Digital Service Point for Employees and click on ‘My details' > 'Personal details' > 'View or change personal details'. Here, you can change your phone number or fill in a phone number.

Published by  ICT Services 28 May 2020