Loss or theft of mobile telephone

If you lose your telephone or your telephone is stolen, take immediate action to limit the resulting damage.

  1. Block the SIM card immediately: contact Detron at +31 20 595 1459 to have the SIM card blocked. Outside of office hours, select option 2 in the automated menu.
  2. Erase your data: if your e-mail account is set up on your mobile phone, the data from the mobile phone has to be deleted immediately.
  3. Report the theft to the police. Your ICT contact person needs a copy of the police report.
  4. In the event of theft or loss, report this to the ICT contact person of your faculty, service or department within 1 working day. You provide him / her with (a copy of) the aforementioned police report.

    The ICT contact person in turn will then report this to the Service Desk with the copy of the police report. The ICT contact person receives an "UvA-HvA notification requirement for data leaks form" which must be returned to the Service Desk.

Request new phone in case of loss or theft

The ICT contact person can order a new mobile phone for you after approval from your supervisor / budget holder.

Published by  ICT Services 2 June 2020