Ordering a landline telephone

AUAS staff members are entitled to a landline telephone. ICT Services will organise the installation and connection of this landline telephone as well as the management and maintenance of the landline.

How to request telephone services ICT contact persons only)

Most of the services relating to landline phones can be requested by the ICT contact person via de Self-Service Desk or by sending an e-mail to the ICTS Service Desk.

Request for a new landline phone

Request for removal of a landline phone

Request for relocation of a landline phone

Request for special functionalities for a landline phone

Fax machine (ICT contact persons only)

Fax machines send and receive documents via the telephone and print out the document received. Nowadays, a multitude of alternative methods to fax machines exist and you must therefore have a good reason to request a fax machine.

Request for installation/removal of a fax machine

The following services can be requested by staff members themselves via a web form.


  • A landline telephone number + call charges: €334.38 per year.
  • A new telephone connection: €229 (one-off charge)
  • A new VoIP service: €445 (one-off charge)
  • A new fax machine: €380 (one-off charge)
Published by  ICT Services 2 June 2020