Ordering a mobile phone and mobile contract

Requests for a mobile phone, a mobile phone contract and/or the Device Replacement Service can only be submitted by an ICT contact person.

Range of available mobile phones and mobile phone contracts

The current range of available T-Mobile devices can be viewed via the T-Mobile/Detron web shop. Log in with the username 'uvahva@vipstore.detron.nl' and the password 'Welkom12'. The prices displayed do not include the private copying levy (€4.70) or processing fees (€13.20 excluding 21% VAT). You can ask your ICT contact person about the devices available to your faculty or service department.

Placing orders

In order to request a new or replacement device, a new mobile phone contract or a combination of these, the ICT contact person must complete the Self-Service Desk form. These mobile phones, and possibly also the mobile phone contracts, are always provided on a loan basis. Further info can also be found in the faculty specific information.

Bulk orders

Do you wish to order five or more mobile phones at the same time? If so, submit a 'Bulk buying checklist' by e-mail to the ICTS Service Point in order to request these devices as easily and as quickly as possible.

Loan conditions

The mobile phone and the mobile phone contract will be requested by the ICT contact person. Upon receipt of the products ordered, ICT Services will send a pick-up notification to the staff member in question. This notification will also refer him/her to the terms and conditions of the loan device. Among other matters, the loan conditions stipulate that the mobile phone provided shall remain the property of the employer (AUAS) at all times, that it shall be primarily used for professional purposes and that it is prohibited to provide the mobile phone to third parties. When the staff member picks up the device, he/she will sign the receipt, which constitutes acceptance of the loan conditions.

Additional user agreements
Each faculty or department can also provide additional and complementary user agreements. These additional user agreements can be issued by the dean, department manager or head of department. For this purpose, ICTS recommends using the user agreement template below.

Published by  ICT Services 23 September 2022