Repair of mobile phones

All devices provided via T-Mobile come with a three-year guarantee. Damage due to impact, pressure or moisture is not covered by the guarantee.

Registering repairs

The staff member in question will notify the ICT contact person or the service manager of the organisational unit in question that the device is defective and needs to be returned to T-Mobile Detron for repair.

The service manager/local ICT support department of the organisational unit in question will decide whether to repair the device or to order a new one. T-Mobile/Detron charges inspection costs of €59.29 including VAT (€49 excluding VAT), although this charge is only levied if you decide not to repair the device. The quoted repair costs are often not proportional to the residual value of the device. If the device is sent for repair/inspection, it will take at least three weeks before it is returned to the user.

Upon approval by your ICT contact person or service manager, you can contact T-Mobile/Detron on 020 595 1459 or via to arrange repair of the phone. T-Mobile/Detron will always ask if you have been authorised by your ICT contact person or service manager and will send you a repair form. You must then send the completed form and the mobile phone to T-Mobile/Detron via registered post.

Please note: if the phone is an iPhone, the Find My iPhone function must be switched off.

Repair period

The average time between receipt of the defective device by T-Mobile/Detron and receipt of the repaired device by ICT Services is four weeks. If no immediate response is given to the quote or if the Find My iPhone function has not been switched off, then this can take longer than four weeks.

Published by  ICT Services 2 June 2020