Staff members are sometimes eligible for a tablet computer in addition to or instead of a desktop and laptop.

A note of caution:

Tablets can connect to the wireless networks 'eduroam' or 'hva'. You can also request a T-Mobile data contract to ensure you have internet access wherever and whenever you need it. In order to open your AUAS e-mail account, you must select a PIN number. You can choose which apps to install on the tablet by browsing the app store. Any charges paid for the apps are at your own expense.

Requesting a tablet

You can ask your ICT contact person whether you are eligible for a tablet and what options are open to you within your faculty/department. Requests for tablets must also be submitted via your ICT contact person. Delivery times differ depending on the supplier. Once you receive a pick-up notification from ICTS, you will be able to pick up your tablet from a central location straight away. Don't forget to bring valid ID. Upon receipt of the tablet, you must agree to the terms and conditions for use of an AUAS loan device. The tablet will remain the property of AUAS at all times. ICT Services cannot guarantee that all ICT systems will work perfectly on the tablet.

Technical issues, defects or theft

Do you have any questions about your tablet's guarantee, maintenance or technical issues? If so, please contact the supplier directly. In the event of theft of a tablet within an AUAS building, notify a security officer immediately. In the event of theft outside AUAS, report the theft to the police and send a copy of the report to the ICTS Service Desk. ICTS does not provide any further user support in relation to tablets.

Replacement or factory reset of tablets

Tablets get old quickly. ICT Services cannot guarantee that tablets will still be able to connect to the wireless network after a period of two and a half years. You can decide when to replace the tablet for yourself. Do you no longer need the tablet? In this case, hand in your tablet to ICTS and ask your ICT contact person to fill in the factory reset form. ICTS will erase all data and software and process the device in an environmentally friendly manner.

Published by  ICT Services 2 June 2020