As an AUAS employee you can request a mobile or landline telephone via your ICT contact person. You need approval from your supervisor beforehand.

Mobile telephones

With permission from your supervisor/budget holder, you can request a mobile telephone from your IT contact person (in Dutch). To learn about the available telephone subscriptions, see the T-Mobile/Detron webshop:

Password: Welkom12

Your mobile number can be linked to your landline telephone number, enabling you to redirect all incoming calls on your landline telephone to your mobile phone. If your subscription allows, you can also make international calls.

Questions and complaints about mobile telephones

If you have questions about the settings or functioning of your mobile telephone, your phone is broken or malfunctioning or you are experiencing network problems, please contact T-Mobile/Detron at 020 595 1459.

For complaints about our mobile telephone services, please fill in the complaint form.

Landline telephone

With a landline telephone, you can make calls to landline and mobile phones in the Netherlands and to standard service numbers (0900 numbers). You can set a voicemail and automatically forward calls to your AUAS mobile work phone. You can request a landline telephone via your IT contact person. You can report any malfunctions affecting your connection, device or voicemail to the ICTS Service Desk.

Manual for landline telephones

Your landline telephone is either an Avaya 9620 or an Avaya 9630 model. The AUAS telephony Basic manual (in Dutch) contains answers to questions such as how to set up your telephone to forward calls and how the automatic call-back function works. For instructions on how to set up a voicemail box, please see the Instructions set up your voicemail box.

To expand the options available on your phone or another device, please contact the ICTS Service Desk.

You can switch on the transfer of calls using the following function codes. Using these codes you can switch on or switch off functionalities at any given point in time.

Function Code
Activate Transfer always *21*
Deactivate Transfer always #21
Activate Transfer always to Voicemail *56
Deactivate Transfer always to Voicemail #56

Published by  ICT Services 19 September 2022