Voicemail settings

Your T-Mobile voicemail service is switched on as standard. You can also choose to switch it off.

How do I switch off my voicemail?

To switch off your voicemail, please follow the steps below:
• Create a T-Mobile account via the T-Mobile website or the My T-Mobile app.
• Follow the instructions to complete your registration.
• Use this account to log in to the Mobile Landline Integration page .
• Click on 'Mobile landline settings'.
• Click on 'Messaging' in the left-hand menu.
• Click on the 'Voicemail' link.
• Select 'Off'.
• Click 'OK'.

Your voicemail has now been deactivated.

How can I forward incoming calls from my mobile phone to a different device?

You can program call forwarding settings via your mobile device using the function access codes below. In this way, you can activate and deactivate specific settings at any time by calling one of these codes.



Activate 'Always forward calls'


Deactivate 'Always forward calls'


Activate 'Always forward calls to voicemail'


Deactivate 'Always forward calls to voicemail'


More information about voicemail settings can be found here .

Published by  ICT Services 28 May 2020