Instruction two-step verification via SURF

Below please find instructions and information on two-step verification via SURF.

How do I log in with two-step verification?

If you attempt to log into an application with two-step verification, you will receive a notification that you need an additional code in order to log in.

Preparatory steps (once only)

In order to log into systems with an added layer of security, you must first complete a number of one-time steps:

  • go to the registration portal of SURFconext .
  • indicate which type of token you would like to use. For most employees, your mobile work phone (via Tiqr app) will be an easy and free option. You may also use your personal phone as a token. For some systems, a YubiKey is required. Please note that there is a charge for purchasing a YubiKey. To request a YubiKey, you will need permission from your supervisor. There are two tokens from which you can choose.
  • register your token (mobile phone or YubiKey).
  • open your confirmation email.
  • activate your token. You can activate your token on location.
    • On location: Go to a service point or customer service desk during office hours. Please bring a valid ID, the confirmation email and your mobile phone (or YubiKey). The staff at the library desk will check whether your identity match your account details and whether the registered telephone/YubiKey is indeed in your possession. The desk staff activates your token. You can now log into systems that use two-step verification.

Logging in with two-step verification

Step 1: log in using your AUAS ID and password.
Step 2: log in with an additional code, which you receive via a so-called token.

Lost mobile phone or YubiKey

Have you lost your mobile phone or YubiKey? If so, go to the registration portal of SURFconext . There, you will find an overview of your chosen method to receive codes. Click on the ‘Remove’ button next to the item that you have lost. As soon as you have a new mobile phone or YubiKey, you must re-register it and have it activated so you can log in with two-step verification.

Further information

  • If you require assistance, please contact the Service Desk ICT Services on +31 (0)20 595 1402.
  • The SURFnet wiki contains further information about two-step verification.
  • On the FAQ page, you can find answers to questions such as: ‘Does it matter whether I use my personal phone or work phone when registering to receive security codes?’
Published by  ICT Services 15 September 2022