There are two ways to log in with two-step verification: via a free app (Tiqr) or with a YubiKey. There is a charge for purchasing the YubiKey. Only a few employees use systems which require a YubiKey.

Token via the app

Tiqr app (Android or Apple): after you have logged in with your AUAS ID and password, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone containing a code. You then use this code to log in.


The YubiKey is a USB flash drive that you insert into your computer. The button on the USB flash drive then generates a password that is automatically entered in the login screen. You can request a YubiKey from your ICT contact person. Registering and activating the YubiKey is only possible after you have received it.

You use the YubiKey when requested to do so by the system to which you wish to log in. This situation only occurs if additional security requirements have been put in place on top of two-step verification. Only a small portion of employees have to do so.

Published by  ICT Services 28 September 2020