VPN (accessing the AUAS network)

AUAS VPN provides you secure access to the AUAS network from any internet connection.

AUAS VPN allows you to use your files on network drives or specific AUAS services off campus, for example at home. See the manual on how to connect to your H- and P-drives from home or another location off campus.

The AUAS VPN is available to anyone who is in possession of a AUAS-ID. You do not have to make a separate request.

Download VPN software

Manuals and installers are available for the main operating systems (see 'Download VPN software'). If you download the right software, you can use AUAS VPN immediately.

ICT code of conduct

If you connect to the AUAS nerwork via VPN, be aware of the UvA's ICT code of conduct. Not following these rules and regulations could result in access to the AUAS network being denied.

Published by  ICT Services 12 August 2020